The Brookstone Novatouch Wireless Headphones Review

brookstone novatouch wireless headphones review
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After smartphones, headphones might be the gadget we use most often in our daily life. These days, there are a huge of headphones from a thousand brands with many ranges of money but if your budget is under 100$, what headphones are the best choice for you? In order to meet the customer’s demands, we introduce The Brookstone Novatouch Wireless Headphones Review which is expected to help all of you can consult before deciding to buy.

Key Specifications

Key Specifications: Brookstone Novatouch Wireless HeadphonesOn-board controls

Foldable adjustable

Optional AUX input for wired connection

Hands-free calling

Bluetooth Ver.: 5.0

Bluetooth Range: 33 ft

Freq. Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Driver Size: 40 mm

Play Time: 10 hrs

Charge Time: 2 hrs

Connector Type: 3.5 mm

Available Colors: Black; Blue; Grey

An overview of the Brookstone Novatouch Wireless Headphones Review

The first impression when I see this product might be its design. The sleek, monochromatic look, with 3 colors Black, Gray and Blue is really modern and suitable for the young generation. Besides, what I like more about the Brookstone Novatouch is the ear cups. It’s made of synthetic leather which is very soft and comfortable when used in a long time In addition, it is also very convenient with a foldable and adjustable design. The second thing is the price of this stuff is about 70$, I think that it is an affordable price with a good sound quality headphones like Novatouch. 

The Brookstone Novatouch Wireless Headphones Review about Design

brookstone novatouch wireless headphones design

First of all, I want to have an outside look at the box of the product which includes the Brookstone Novatouch Wireless Headphones, of course, the micro USB charging cable and 3.5 mm AUX Cable as well as the Instruction manual which tells you most of the basics and how to connect them.

Another plus point I think is very convenient is you can distort them because they have a folding hinge which makes it very compact. How useful it is when bringing on your trip because it fits in a very small area.

There is a panel on the sides of the Brookstone Novatouch Wireless Headphones that on-board control everything such as controlling the volume of music, picking up or declining the calls as well as turning on and turning off. Being brushed aluminum design makes it very attractive, however, there is a little problem that the aluminum surface is very reflective which also makes it kind of hard to see the icons clearly.

Main Features

  • The 10-hours battery on a single charge: The battery of the Brookstone Novatouch is also a plus point that I highly evaluate that you needn’t worry when picking it up outside.
  • Having 5.0 Bluetooth technology that means it is going to be seamless when connecting ( with the 33-meter range )
  • They also have ergonomic ear cups which means that they fit your ear better and they are more comfortable for your head when used for longer

Sound quality

In the next part of The Brookstone Novatouch Wireless Headphones Review, I will make clear about the sound quality as well as the feeling when using these headphones is the most important thing you are concerned about before deciding to buy them. However, we need to know that we can’t have anything with 70$ so the quality of it is just decent, I believe.


Thanks to adding the bass boosted drivers feature makes the sound quality up to a higher level. It transmits a rich and full melody with plenty of dynamics through the Brookstone Novatouch Wireless Headphones bringing the best listening experience to the customer. I love the feeling of the bass beats in my ears and the powerful bass on every single musical note. With this feature, these headphones have heavy bass and give you extra excellent sound quality and it’s also the best characteristic I highly evaluate in the Brookstone Nvatouch Wireless Headphones Review


At first, when reading the review on websites, I expected to have a noise cancellation but in fact, it does not work efficiently. However, the Novatouch get very loud which is a benefit to them but sometimes they do bleed out lots of noise as I mentioned above. Maybe it is the only cons I find when using the product and it’s not affected too much the sound quality when using it inside your house.


To sum up, even though having lots of downsides such as noise cancellation and the battery is not as long as the Headphones is the same price, there are many plus points for the Novatouch, especially the sound quality with bass boosted driver and I also believe that when purchasing headphones, the most important thing we concern is the sound quality and the comfort when using it, this product definitely meet your demands. Lastly, I hope you like the Brookstone Novatouch Wireless Headphones Review, and see you in other articles!