How to connect Samsung Watch to iPhone

How to connect Samsung Watch to iPhone
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If you own a Samsung Watch but use an iPhone? Are you concerned that the connection between them is not allowed? Don’t worry because Samsung has released the Galaxy Watch app on the iOS platform. Here’s How to connect Samsung Watch to iPhone and supported Galaxy Watch features on iPhone.

To know more about Galaxy Watch app, we give you some of its key features including you want to connect Samsung Watch to iPhone. Get started right now!

Key features of the Galaxy Watch app

Galaxy Watch apps

1. Easily connect and disconnect Samsung watch with iPhone

Connecting two devices that do not have the same operating system is now also extremely easy on the Galaxy Watch app. You just need to download the application, then you can directly connect the watch and your iPhone without any difficulty.

2. Customize many necessary settings for the watch

Galaxy Watch allows users to customize many necessary settings according to their needs. For example, synchronizing data with the phone, displaying notifications about the content of messages or calls, etc.

3. Download and manage apps on your watch

Galaxy Watch adds support for downloading and managing apps on the watch. You can download some of your favorite applications or use them according to your needs. The management of applications on the watch is also extremely simple and user-friendly.

4. Provides Galaxy Watch battery status, data storage, and RAM

The Galaxy Watch will continuously provide the user with the status of the watch. Specifically battery life, available memory, and your watch’s performance.

5. Customize your favorite watch faces right on your iPhone

Similar to other Apple Match devices, users can also customize the watch face interface according to their own needs. Thereby turning your Galaxy Watch to be true to the personality of its user.

6. Display notifications from your iPhone on your watch

Necessary feature states such as watch watch, call message display, app notification will be displayed completely on Galaxy Watch. This will prevent users from missing important notifications in some cases when the phone is not around.

7. “Find My Watch” feature helps locate the watch in case of loss

Unfortunately because of an incident that makes your watch lost? Don’t worry about it, the developer Galaxy Match has now added the Find My Watch feature. With this feature allows users to rely on GPS positioning to find their watch if unfortunately your watch is dropped or stolen.

How to connect Samsung Watch to iPhone

connect Samsung Watch to iPhone

Compared to the Apple Watch competitor, the Samsung Watch seems to be much easier to use and user-friendly. The proof is that Apple Watch cannot connect to Samsung Smartphone, but Samsung Watch can still connect to Apple Smartphone.

Right from the first Galaxy Watch model, Samsung has released updates so that its watch can connect with devices of other lines. You can download the iPhone Samsung Galaxy Watch iOS app on the App store, to make connecting these two devices easier.

Connecting two devices that do not have the same operating system is now also extremely easy on the Galaxy Watch app. You just need to download the application, then you can directly connect the watch and phone without any difficulty.

You can connect Samsung Watch to iPhone by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1: On your iPhone, open the App store app to download the Galaxy Watch app to your device.
  • Step 2: Choose the right series of your Galaxy Watch.
  • Step 3: Request connection confirmation on both devices.
  • Step 4: Wait a few minutes for the 2 devices to connect to each other and complete.

Restrictions when you connect Samsung Watch to iPhone

Although it still supports connecting to iOS devices, Samsung Watch when connected to iPhone will not be as optimized in terms of features as when connecting to smartphones of the same brand. So you will face various limitations below:

  • Message could not be sent. Even if you use a 3rd party application such as zalo, facebook chat, etc., you cannot respond to messages, including sending emoticons.
  • Unable to respond to Email.
  • Apps on the App store have less support for the Galaxy Watch than they do on Samsung or Android.
  • Samsung Pay cannot be set up when connecting Samsung Watch to iPhone.
  • The process of transferring and playing music is difficult. However, Spotify support provides a better experience for online and offline listening.
  • Watch screenshots cannot be transferred to your iPhone.
  • Galaxy Watch SOS message function cannot be configured.
  • Unable to sync when connected to Iphone.
  • The majority of notifications are displayed on the Galaxy Watch, you can only view or delete them.
  • Wi-Fi networks cannot be synced from iPhone, they must be added manually.
  • The iOS version does not support installing Samsung SmartThings and also cannot use Find My Phone (you can use Find My iPhone instead).
Find My iPhone
Find My iPhone


Can Samsung Watch connect to iPhone? The answer to this question is Yes. However, you will face various limitations when connecting these 2 devices. How to connect Samsung Watch to iPhone? Connecting them is quite simple, please follow the steps that we guide above.

Therefore, if you intend to buy a Samsung Watch to connect to an iPhone or buy an iPhone to connect to a Samsung Watch, you should consider it carefully. Because the best thing is that you should still buy devices from the same brand, to be able to optimize the features equipped on both phones and smartwatches.

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